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Gaby Go

Hi! I’m Gaby — physical therapist, run coach, and competitive runner. My goal is to combine my skills and knowledge to help athletes, active adults, and runners reach their goals!

Sports have always been a huge part of my life.

Growing up, I played various sports ranging from soccer to gymnastics. During high school, I wanted to stay in shape between soccer and lacrosse seasons, so I decided to join my school’s indoor track team. Well, the rest is history. I won multiple county, regional, and state titles with my team and went on to run Division 1 Track & Field at the University of Maryland (UMD), College Park. I was mainly a middle distance runner — 800m was my favorite event!

My personal injuries led me to physical therapy.

Throughout my collegiate career, I suffered from many injuries that sidelined me from practicing and competing. I had to rehab from bone stress injuries (shin splints and stress fractures), achilles tendinitis, compartment syndrome, etc. My injuries and athletic career sparked my journey to physical therapy. After graduating with my Public Health-Bio degree from the University of Maryland, College Park, I obtained my Doctor of Physical Therapy at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore.

I am still a competitor.

During PT school, I was extremely motivated to continue running since I had been sidelined so much of college. I wanted to get into long distance road running, but I was tired of dealing with injuries and didn’t want to train through them anymore. Alongside learning about the human body and all things PT, I dove into the research on how to run stronger and healthier. Fast forward to today, I have stayed injury free for years, competed in various road racing distances, and ran a Boston Marathon Qualifier in my marathon debut. My goal is to run every major marathon! Looking back, I would have never guessed I would be able to train injury free year-round while competing in road races of varying distances. I am so excited to continue to train, compete, and grow in this sport.

Helping others do the same.

I am currently working as a sport and performance physical therapist at Healthy Baller located in Rockville, MD. Healthy Baller is a true sports medicine practice. I treat one-on-one for full-hour sessions in a gym space amongst athletes and active adults. As a former D1 athlete, I understand what it takes to ensure rehab matches the demand of my patient’s sport and active goals. I enjoy working with athletes of all levels and active adults with a speciality in treating endurance athletes. As a certified run coach, I work virtually with clients across the world to provide run coaching and strength programming. I love combining my passions for running and background as a physical therapist to help my clients train injury free and reach their goals.

Through my experiences as an athlete, I want to help other motivated individuals take control and achieve their goals through injury prevention, strength, mobility, and proper programming. I take pride in providing one-on-one individualized care because no athlete is the same.

Outside of running.

When I’m not training, you can find me reading a book, exploring different coffee shops, traveling, hiking / biking on a cool trail, or cooking something yummy!

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy 
  • University of Maryland Track & Field (2015-2019)
  • Maryland Medallion Society Class of 2019 
    • The Office of the VP of Student Affairs annually selects the top 20 graduating seniors based on their exceptional leadership, academic record, and service to campus to be inducted in the Maryland Medallion Society. 
  • M Club Postgraduate Scholarship Awardee (2019)
  • Big Ten Postgraduate Scholarship Awardee (2019) 
  • University of Maryland Academic All-Big Ten (2015-2019)
  • University of Maryland School of Public Health Dean’s List (2015-2019)
  • Big Ten Dean’s List (2015-2019)
  • President’s Cup for Academic Excellence (2015-2019)
  • ICA Community Service Award (2019)
  • Big Ten Distinguished Scholar Award (2018)
  • MD County Champion (2015), MD State Champion (2012, 2013, 2015)
  • All State, Region, & County Runner for State of MD (2013-2015)
  • All Gazette First Team (2013-2015)

Strength Coaching | Online Programs

Pete Grasso

I’m Pete! — retired professional baseball player, physical therapist, and current road runner. I specialize in creating strength and rehab programs to help athletes get out of pain and reach their goals.

Sports were always a major part of my life. 

I grew up in a household where sports were an integral part of our family. Throughout my childhood I participated in a wide variety of sports including soccer, hockey, basketball, football, track & field, and baseball. Once I got to high school, I was a 3 sport varsity athlete in football, basketball, and baseball.

My experiences as a high level athlete led me to my career as a physical therapist.

In high school, I was an All-State football player and received Delaware State Player of the Year in baseball. At Salisbury University, I was a 4-year starter, 1st team All-Region, 1st team All-American Utility Player, Academic All American, and was named Player of the Year my senior year. After college, I pursued professional baseball in the United Shores Professional Baseball League and was named to the All Star game as a pitcher in 2019. 

My first experience with PT was in high school, when I suffered a tibial plateau fracture in a football scrimmage. Rehab was tough but I worked hard in physical therapy to get back for my spring baseball season. In college, I spent most of my day, in season and during off-season, rehabbing and prehabbing my shoulder, elbow, or any other ailment that you can think of during a baseball season. Being around the clinic, I fell in love with the rehab side of sports. 

After obtaining my Exercise Science degree from Salisbury University, I obtained my Doctor of Physical Therapy at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore. 

Baseball player turned runner. 

When I finished up my professional baseball career, I knew that I still wanted to stay active. I started running and have competed in varying road running distances! I love that running helps to keep me active, healthy, and competitive in a totally different scene. Outside of running, I have enjoyed weight lifting and pushing myself in the gym. 

Creating strength programs to keep runner’s healthy. 

As a former football / baseball player with an exercise science degree, I have an extensive strength and conditioning background. I have paired this with my physical therapy education and knowledge of running to create strength programs that are unique to runners and common running related injuries. 

Outside of PT and running. 

I am an avid sports fan, so usually I am spending my weekends attending sporting events and cheering on Philadelphia sports teams! I also love going into DC and Baltimore to enjoy brunch with friends.

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • United Shores Professional Baseball League All Star (2019)
  • Salisbury University Baseball (2014-2017)
  • 4-Year Starter 
  • CoSida Academic All America (2017) 
  • D-III Player of the Year (2017)
  • Capital Athletic Conference Player of the Year (2017) 
  • South All Region Player of the Year (2017)  
  • 1st Team All-American (2017) 
  • 3-time All South Region
  • 3-time CAC 1st Team
  • A.I. DuPont High School Hall of Fame
  • Delaware Gatorade Player of the Year (2013)

Run Coaching

Alex Lucki

Hello I’m Alex! — elite runner, engineer, and chocolate connoisseur. I specialize in creating training plans to help runners reach not only their race goals they have set, but enjoy the training process and get to the starting line feeling confident in themselves.

I have always been an active person.

I grew up in a family that loved sport and activity and so I was always participating in multiple sports year-round; soccer, gymnastics, figure skating, karate, volleyball, curling. Once I got to high school, I focused on soccer and running. In high school, I was a provincial level soccer player as well as a provincial champion and national runner up in the 1500m on the track. I also competed in cross country and curling. 

Competing on the collegiate level. 

Based on my success on the track and my love for running, I decided that I wanted to continue my track career and looked to the NCAA in the US to do so. I chose to commit to University of Maryland and compete for the Terrapins in cross country and track. Over my 5 years at University of Maryland I qualified for the NCAA championships once in cross country and twice in the 1500m. I earned All-Big 10, All Regional, and All-American honors. I also graduated with a degree in civil engineering and a minor in sustainability. 

Post collegiate running.

After graduating from Maryland I still felt like I had more to achieve in my running career. Competing at Maryland also really grew my love for the sport and so I moved back to Canada to continue training and competing with my Toronto based coach and club, as well as, continue my education and career in sustainability and engineering. I have enjoyed the post collegiate racing scene over the last 4 years and have found success competing both at the national and international level at distances from the 1500m to 10km. 

I have really enjoyed traveling to races, connecting with people in the running community around the world, training hard, and pushing myself in competition to run my best. 

What I’ve learned from years of running.

Over the past 12 years of running competition, I have also experienced my fair share of injuries and setbacks, including multiple stress fractures and reactions in my shins. Through these injuries I have learned the importance of purposeful strength training, the benefits of recovery, more mileage is not always better, to trust my coach and training program, and to be kind to and listen to my body when it is telling me I need to back off. I have also learned that enjoyment of training and the sport is what leads to success and that consistent hard work pays off eventually. I have come to understand the importance of balancing my career goals with my running goals and in maintaining a healthy and stable lifestyle.

What now? 

I am still living in Toronto, working and training, and looking forward to a fun and hopefully speedy summer track season. 

Coaching others who have the same passion for running. 

I look forward to bringing my training knowledge and love for running to clients to help them achieve their running goals through structured and sustainable programming. I am extremely passionate about running and love helping other runners who have the same passion! 

Outside of running.

I work as a civil engineer in the green building sector in Toronto. I have a passion for sustainable solutions to our developing and growing cities. When I am not working or running I love reading, spending time outdoors, visiting coffee shops, and eating chocolate. 

  • 4th in the 5000m Canadian Track Championships in 2019
    • 4th at the Canadian 10km Road Championships in 2021
    • 3rd at the Canadian Cross Country Championships in 2021
    • and 5th at the Canadian Track and Field Championships in 2022
    • Qualifying for the Canadian cross country team in 2022 and competing in Brazil at the PanAm Cross Country Championships where I finished 8th
  • D1 NCAA track and field championship qualifier 2016 and 2019
  • BIG10 Track and Field Championships 1500m finalist 2016,2017, and 2019
  • BIG10 Indoor Track and Field Championships – 3rd Place – Mile – 2017
  • D1 NCAA cross country championship individual qualifier 2017
  • Mid-Atlantic All Regional Cross Country honors 2016 and 2017
  • All Big10 cross country honors 2017
  • University of Maryland 5000m record holder 
  • Canadian Junior National Medals in the 1500m – 2nd place in 2024, 1st place 2015
  • Canadian Junior Track and Field Team Member 2014 (World Junior Track and Field Championships), 2015 (PanAm Junior Track and Field Championships – 5th place in the 1500m)

Run Coaching

Eve Morissette

Hi I’m Eve! — competitive marathoner, run coach and dog mom. My passion is helping runners and aspiring runners reach their goals, enjoy the journey, and fall in love with running.

I started running and lifting in college and haven’t stopped since. Ever since I toed the line for my first 5k, I was hooked on racing. I love the adrenaline rush and pushing myself to new limits, but my favorite part of road racing is that anyone can participate. It is so gratifying to set goals and achieve them, and I’m here to help you do that! I struggled a lot in the earlier parts of my running journey, specifically with overuse injuries and poor nutrition. I want to serve as a guide for you so that you can learn from my mistakes, without having to make them yourself!

The Marathon 

Ever since I started running, I knew I wanted to run a marathon. I always gravitated towards running longer distances, and qualifying and running the Boston Marathon was a huge goal of mine. In late 2021, I went all in on marathon training. I coached myself to a 3:09 marathon and have now run 7 Boston Qualifying times in the last 15 months, with a PR of 2:58:40. 


After dealing with just about every minor injury in the book (but never having a major injury thankfully), I have learned how to train smart and strength train appropriately so I can be a consistent and resilient runner. With my running experience and leveraging Go Run Stronger’s depth of PT knowledge, I will help you learn how to train smart and build mileage while getting faster & most importantly, staying injury free. 


Two of my long term running goals are to run a Boston Qualifier in every state and run all six of the world marathon majors. Racing is such a fun way to travel and explore the world. There are so many different courses with different terrains and I stay very up to date on races so I can help you find the best one for your goals! I am also a pacer and have paced two half marathons and one marathon. 

Outside of Running

I work full time as an Actuary and live in south Florida with my three dogs Moose, Murphy and Jetty. If I’m not running you can probably catch me playing with the pups, going to the beach, lifting, reading, planning a race trip or watching football.

Strength Coaching

Coach Sweezey

Hi! I’m Kristine, but most people just call me by my last name, which is Sweezey! I’m a physical therapist, avid weightlifter, and runner. As a hybrid athlete, I love the balance of strength and endurance that running and lifting provide. I specialize in helping active adults, youth athletes, and runners get stronger and out of pain so that they can achieve all their goals!

My life revolved around sports growing up

Growing up, I played a sport (sometimes two) every season of the year. My two main sports were basketball and soccer, but I was also involved in swimming, gymnastics, lacrosse, and softball. Being immersed in sports from a young age instilled in me a love for movement and physical activity. I have always identified as an athlete, and now lifting weights and running are my two favorite ways to stay active! I feel grateful I get to help many people stay active throughout their lifespan.

Being injured led me to physical therapy

I was in 8th grade when I first started developing hip pain due to rigorous club/travel team schedules with little rest time. In high school I developed chronic back pain during basketball season which led to discouraging doctor visits where I was advised to “just rest” or “quit playing.”

My time in the athletic training room and chiropractic offices made me curious about how long injuries would take to recover or why specific exercises would help. This led me to studying kinesiology with a concentration in exercise science from James Madison University (Go Dukes!). When I discovered physical therapy my senior year of college, I knew it was exactly what I was meant to do.

I became certified as an Exercise Physiologist and worked as a personal trainer for a year before getting my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from University of New England in Portland, Maine.

Rehab & strength training to get and stay healthy

I still remember how frustrated I was with the healthcare professionals I turned to when I was injured. It felt like they didn’t care that I was hurt. I keep that passion close as I work with all my clients. I have a vast understanding of strength and rehab principles to create unique programs tailored to an individual’s needs. I lay out the plan from the beginning on how to reach their goals.

I specialize in helping runners get out of pain and back to their optimal performance. I particularly enjoy working with runners because I understand the unique challenges they face when it comes to managing training load and staying healthy. By providing them with the tools and knowledge they need for long-term success, I help them overcome injuries and continue doing what they love. I am adamant about building strong, confident, and empowered runners.

Day in the life

I work as a performance physical therapist at Healthy Baller in Rockville, Maryland. My caseload ranges from high school athletes to active adults, encompassing a diverse group of individuals with varying needs and goals. In-person visits are a full hour, one-on-one, and meticulously tailored to each individual to ensure the best possible outcomes.

As a certified strength and conditioning specialist, I also work virtually to create customized programs for clients. This allows them to work on their goals remotely while receiving the same level of personalized care and attention. I use a combination of cutting-edge techniques and evidence-based practices to design programs that address each client’s specific needs, whether they aim to recover from an injury, improve their athletic performance, or maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

In addition to my work at Healthy Baller, I continually seek to expand my knowledge and skills through ongoing education and professional development. This dedication enables me to provide my clients with the most effective and up-to-date treatments available. I am passionate about helping people overcome their physical limitations and achieve their fitness goals, fostering a lifelong commitment to health and wellness.

Outside PT and lifting

You can find me outside in nature – either on a hike, rooftop, or in some body of water. I love traveling with friends and figuring out escape rooms too!

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