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Discover a world of running excellence with our app, Go Run Stronger. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting out, our programs are designed to help you run stronger and faster without pain.

What You Need to Know

  1. Created by Dr. Gaby Go and Dr. Pete Grasso who are physical therapists, runners, and have a strong background on strength & conditioning and rehabilitation
  2. Access to 3 full body lifts (weekly) that get updated every 4 weeks 
  3. Access to specific programs created for common running related injuries like shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, hip pain & impingement, gluteal tendinopathy, runner’s knee, and more.
  4. Access to different studio programs (body weight and band only, upper and core, & post race recovery lifts), pre-run routines, post-run mobility and dynamic warm ups.
  5. Ability to chat with us and other runners on our community forums.
  6. Access to our full resource collection that includes topics on how to progress exercises, how to select weights, app tutorials, how to integrate lifting into your running routine, how to lift during your taper, and other FAQs.

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Monthly Strength Subscription

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What you get with all programs

Monthly Strength Subscription

Price: $30/month (USD)
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Access to 3 full body lifts that gets updated every 4 weeks, rehab programs created for common running related injuries, body weight/band only full body lifts, post-race recovery lifts, private athlete calendar where you can keep track of your progress, resource collection, workout videos, and our online community forum! 

Our Rehab & Additional Programs

INCLUDED in the $30 monthly subscription of our app.

These programs will always be available to you throughout your subscription. You can start or stop these programs whenever you want at your own pace!

Healthy Hips Program

Foot & Ankle Program

Runner’s Knee Program

Body Weight & Band Only Full Body Lifts

Post-Race Recovery/Mobility Lifts

Upper & Core Only Lifts


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your burning questions: dive into our FAQs for clarity and insight.

Monthly Strength Subscription

Lifting programs should take 30-60 minutes (potentially a little longer if it’s your first time trying a new program). All programs require resistance bands, dumbbells or kettlebells, some sort of step, and a stability ball. Optional equipment includes barbell, TRX straps, cable machines, sliders, etc. (included as alternative exercises within the lifts for those who have a more extensive gym set up)

While no gym is required, some exercises will likely be harder to progress over the 4 week program without heavier weights than you might have at home.

There will be three full body lifts programmed for you on a 4 week cycle. All lifts include all primary movements that critical for runners and area a mix of lower body, running specific plyometrics, upper body, and core work. You can chose to perform anywhere from 1 to all 3 lifts depending on what matches you training schedule best. We suggest taking at least 1 rest day in between lifts. If you need more 1:1 assistance with integrating your plan into your training routine, we suggest signing up for 1:1 coaching.

For most exercises, there are options for beginner, moderate, and advanced lifters. For all exercises, there are coaching notes on how to progress the exercise throughout the 4 week plan.

Don’t stress! Our full body lift programs purposefully stay the same for 4 weeks with instructions on how to progress the lift within the coach’s notes. The full body lifts are changed every 4 weeks which usually lands a new block around the start of each month. If you start mid month, you will finish out the current posted lift and get a new one at the start of the next block.

We pride ourselves in having runner’s who stick with our programs for the long run as this is the most consistent way to build strength over time. We have no doubts that with our programming, you will achieve the results you are looking for.

Yes! We highly encourage this! Our app gives you access to your own private athlete calendar. You can customize which days you perform the lifts on. Within the app itself, you can log your workouts and keep track of the weights you use week to week. You can also look back on the weights you used the prior week in order to assist with progression.

All of the lifts that you will receive with your monthly subscription are full body lifts that anyone can benefit from, however, many of the accessory exercises are geared towards runners. 

Included in your monthly subscription, you will have access to all of our rehab programs. There are various programs that address common running related injuries. It is important to note that if you are dealing with any injury or in pain, it is always best to be assessed in person and get an individualized plan from a specialist. 

The full body lifts are organized in supersets and should take anywhere from 30-60 minutes

  • Mobility Section: spine, hip, knee, & ankle focused
  • Main Lift Section: main compound lift (option for barbell work) supersetted with plyometric exercise
  • Accessory Lift Section: super sets of upper body and runner specific lower body work 
  • Optional Core Section
  • Optional Upper Burnout Body Section

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