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As a former D1 athlete and current road racer, Gaby understands the mental and physical aspects of competing at a high level. She is dedicated to helping her athletes and active adults get back to sport and optimize performance.

Physical Therapy Services

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Gaby ensures that her patients are provided rehab that matches the demand of their sport and active goals. She emphasizes performance-based injury prevention and rehabilitation through strength, mobility, and adequate recovery.


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Standard Physical Therapy Model

Our Physical Therapy Model

Health and Fitness Consultation

$120 (USD) Per Hour

If you can’t visit me in person at Healthy Baller, you can schedule an hour consultation with me! We will meet virtually and can discuss anything ranging from training, plans that might benefit you, or pick my brains on anything! The consultation can also be used for injury navigation and include a physical / movement exam, exercise based treatment plans, and a thorough discussion with specific recommendations on how to get back to your activities and routines.

In order to set up your consultation call, please fill out a form through the contact page. You can make your purchase AFTER we have scheduled a time for your health & fitness consultation.

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Physical Therapy Services

Click “request a consultation” and I will assist you directly with scheduling a PT appointment with me! I work out of Healthy Baller located in Rockville, MD. We are a true sports medicine practice and work mainly with athletes and active adults.

Cash based physical therapy means that we are out of network with all insurance companies. We do not directly bill through insurance but you can be eligible for reimbursement from your insurance company.

With our physical therapy model, you will receive 1:1 treatment time for a full hour. We are not dictated by insurance rules and regulations and can ensure that you receive the individualized and high quality care that you deserve. We have the flexibility to take a full body approach if needed without being limited by insurance companies. We pride ourselves in better outcomes and faster recovery because of this most focused approach.

I offer hour long virtual health and fitness consultations! During these sessions we can talk about your training, injuries, and discuss a plan of care for you moving forward.

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