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Unlock Your Running Potential with a Personalized Running Coach

Are you tired of generic training plans that don’t meet your individual needs? From designing a customized training program to helping you prevent injuries and reducing the mental load, a running coach can transform your running journey.

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Why hire a running coach?

  • You have tried using generic training plans that you found online but have quickly realized that they are not individualized to you. You want someone to help make a training plan that fits you and your life!
  • You are motivated but struggling with all the information out there. How many miles should you be running? What should you do for strength training? What should your workouts look like? You want someone who will help design a thorough program that will cover all the essential pillars for proper training.
  • You are sick of nagging injuries that have hindered you from reaching your goals. You need a coach to help you run injury free and reach your full potential.
  • You are BUSY and have a lot on your plate. You want to reduce the mental load of being in charge of your own training and have a supportive coach in your corner. All you have to do is show up and execute.

We believe that every runner is different and would benefit from a custom running plan that is tailored towards their specific needs, goals, and lifestyle! Furthermore, research has shown that strength training is protective against injuries and can improve all aspects of running including efficiency, form, and the ability to run faster for longer.

We work virtually with clients of all different running levels across the world to help them reach their goals whether it’s running-focused, strength-focused, or BOTH. If this is something in which you are interested, we would love to chat and get to know more about you!

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1:1 Custom Run Coaching

Individualized run training specifically designed for you and your goals.

30 min free consultation call

Run training that is individualized to your fitness level, goals, and lifestyle prescribed on 2 week blocks — always updated and modified as needed

Access to private athlete calendar via VDOT02 — includes run training, cross training (if applicable), and strength days

VDOT feedback provided within app

Nutrition and fueling tips and tricks

Week of race phone call to discuss pacing plan and race strategy

Unlimited communication with coach via. app, text, email, and/or phone 

1x optional monthly call at the end of the month

$180/month (USD). Cancel at any time!
Please only purchase AFTER consultation call with coach

1:1 Custom Strength Coaching

Individualized strength training specifically designed for you and your goals.

30 min free consultation call

Access to FREE strength training app where all your lifts will be uploaded — you can track all of your progress and training here

Access to training calendar via app

Intentional strength training (instructional videos, notes from coach, rep schemes, and more included) programmed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy prescribed on 4 week blocks

x1 check in call after the completion of each lift cycle

Unlimited communication with coach via app, text, email, and/or phone

$150/month (USD). Cancel at any time!
Please only purchase AFTER consultation call with coach

Elite: 1:1 Custom Run & Strength Coaching

Individualized run AND strength training specifically designed for you and your goals. This includes every item in 1:1 Custom Run Coaching and 1:1 Custom Strength Coaching.

$280/month (USD). Cancel at any time!
Please only purchase AFTER consultation call with coach

Frequently Asked Questions

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Performance Coaching Services

If you are looking for a training plan that is personalized and written entirely for YOU based on your schedule, training history, short and long term goals, injury history, and more, than 1:1 coaching is for you!

Yes, yes, yes! We work with runner of all paces, goals, and experience levels. The only prerequisite is that you are committed to process!

Payment will go month to month, you will never be locked into a contract. Train with us for one month, one year, or forever!

You will have regular contact with your coach. You will discuss with your coach the most convenient form of communication whether that is phone, text, email, or through the training apps themselves.

Our 1:1 run coaching services are purely for runners but our 1:1 strength coaching services can be for anyone! During your consultation call, you will discuss with your coach your current training levels, injury history, and specific goals.  

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